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    Our knowledge and practical experience afford us the ability to offer professional advice and consultation on all aspects of the services we provide, and how they interface with other trades.

    Modern manufacturing technologies help create a bewildering array of new construction products and materials. This is particularly important with the increased need for fire, thermal and acoustic protection.

    We are experts at supplying the right products to achieve the required standard, this can often involve a cost saving against alternative solutions.


    Our expertise is held within the business, we have the answer to most, if not all your questions. Of course, we do not know absolutely everything, our amazing suppliers are able to help expand our knowledge if we encounter a new challenge.

    Our education and wisdom expand through every project we complete, we never stop learning. We relish a challenge, innovating a solution is a rewarding way to make a living.

    You are safe in our hands, for a no obligation FREE consultation please email info@sanchezdp.co.uk to arrange a meeting.