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    Fine Finish Detail

    SDP have a wealth of experience in creating each of the features listed below. Our work in luxury, bespoke homes in the South of the UK makes us experts in this field. Our staff are adept and skilled at creating the perfect finish regardless of the design complexity.



    Roof windows and skylights can be completed with a standard square frame, alternatively or a more complex angled reveal can be created to permit more light into the room. This can be enhanced further with the addition of an LED shadow details.



    Located at ceiling or floor level, a recessed provision is built into the wall to house and hide a strip of LED lights. These create an elegant and stylish way to add feature lighting to a room.



    Air conditioning systems used in for high end properties feature ducted outlets terminating with a room vent. Traditional round or square vents can be unsightly.  A super slim, elongated ceiling vet can be created to permit the flow of air into a room, without detracting from the aesthetics of the room. These clean line vents are almost unnoticeable unless you are directly below them.



    Recessed ceilings have featured in building architecture for centuries, dating back to 79AD. The Romans would certainly be impressed at the modern methods of creating this feature using a lightweight metal frame system clad in plasterboard.

    This feature can be enhanced further with the introduction of LED lights and a shadow detail.



    Curtains, blinds or shutter all feature an unsightly aspect close to the ceiling. A recess created in the ceiling can house the curtain track, the collection roller of blinds or shutters. The motors and automation facilities of remote controlled curtains and blinds can be concealed out of sight.

    This feature provides an extremely elegant part of the interior design schedule for any room.



    Once an exceeding popular feature, today these design structures are reserved for rooms where they enhance the design principles of the space.

    Over centuries of design modifications we now have a bewildering array of arch designs, listed below are number of the most popular.

    Possibly one of the most complex interior features to create. This is a delightful feature that brings intrigue and elegance to any habitable space.

    This requires a very special skill set, SDP are proud to be time served experts delivering curved wall features. You will not be disappointed.