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    The Benefits of insulation

    The construction of new projects or renovation of existing buildings must adhere to greater standards of energy saving. There are many ways to reduce the loss of thermal radiation and help keep a building warm using less energy. 

    Insulating voids, cavities, walls & loft spaces will help keep the warmth in. Insulation below a solid floor and between the floor and surrounding walls creates a protective barrier to prevent the cold striking through to the floor. 

    SDP offer a huge range of insulation materials, having used virtually every solution on the market we can offer the best solution with two goals in mind, keep the heat in and costs down. 

     Insulation material now offers secondary functions such as reducing noise transfer from one room to another. Insulation is also used to protect against the advance of fire, specialist insulation solutions provide a certified resistance to fire. 


    Insulating material is available in a range of Insulation is available in a range of physical forms, each having specific or mixed technical functions. 

    Insulating materials also reduce the noise transfer through walls and floors. Some types of insulation are specifically designed for the reduction of sound energy between rooms. 

     Insulating materials are also used to create fire barriers. Specifically designed to retard the advance of combustion this type of insulation is used throughout the building industry. 

     Alternative ways of retaining heat can be achieved using hybrid materials, a mix of foam and foil. Installed as flat sheets, and or expandable honeycomb sections. This is a great alternative to the traditional types of loft insulation. 

     SDP offer a huge range of insulation materials with two goals in mind, keep the heat in and costs down. We are experts at selecting the correct material for the job. 



    • Glass wool roll
    • Mineral wool loft roll
    • Acoustic mineral wool roll
    • Sheep’s wool roll
    • Mineral slab
    • Acoustic mineral slab
    • Water resistant slab
    • Fire resistant slab
    • Acoustic floor slab
    • Ablative fire slab
    • Cavity fire socks
    • Cavity slab
    • Polyisocyanurate (PIR/Celotex/Kingspan) sheets
    • Multi-foil expandable (Actis/TLX)
    • Hybrid foil/foam overlay blankets (H control/Thinsulex)